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School-enterprise cooperation

Hebei Worunda Metal Packaging Products Co., Ltd. has signed cooperation agreements with key universities such as Hebei University of Technology, Hebei Water Conservancy and Electric Power College, Zhangzhou Teachers College and Hebei Agricultural University, and has become a professional training base for the training of talents for scientific research projects. And the talent absorption has laid a good foundation.


   The cooperation between enterprises and schools is a win-win situation. The training of talents in schools provides guarantee for the development of enterprises, and enterprises provide employment internship opportunities for students. Through deepening the reform of teaching and research, we will actively promote the process of school-enterprise cooperation, adhering to the principle of cooperation of “joining participation, sharing resources, and complementing each other's advantages”. Through the deep integration of school-enterprise cooperation, we will cultivate good professional quality and proficiency for the competition and development of society and enterprises. The application-oriented talents of operational skills can achieve win-win for enterprises, schools and students.