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Current recruitment positions: marketing specialists, procurement specialists, operators

Please send your resume to: hr@worunda.com

Personnel Administration Department Contact: 86-0317-2049090

First, the market commissioner

Job Responsibilities:

1. Daily management of contracts and orders;

2. Assist the supervisor in the analysis and analysis of the data, and formulate the annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly plans;

3. Follow up on the production schedule according to market orders;

4. Handling customer feedback questions and suggestions in a timely manner;

5. Other tasks assigned by the leadership

job requirements:

1. Recruitment of junior college degree or above, business administration, financial management, and trade economics are preferred;

2.excellent communication skills, good customer awareness;

3. Can receive excellent fresh graduates

Second, the procurement commissioner

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the procurement of the company's main and auxiliary materials, check the quality and quantity of the purchased products, track and ensure the timely supply of materials;

2. Entry of ERP system, tracking of orders;

3. Responsible for the screening, assessment, evaluation and maintenance management of suppliers, and timely check the payment;

4. Complete the procurement tasks for all kinds of materials according to the plan, implement price control, and reduce expenses within the budget;

5. Supplier reconciliation, inventory inspection, and screening of procurement requirements submitted by various departments;

6. Develop new suppliers, reduce costs, and report the results of procurement implementation on a regular basis;

7. Other tasks assigned by department head

job requirements:

1. Unified recruitment of college or above, no specialties;

2.good communication and expression pressure;

3. Can receive excellent fresh graduates

4. male or female, have a driver's license, will drive.

Third, the operator

Job responsibilities:

1. Male operators are mainly responsible for equipment operation and equipment maintenance;

2. female operators are mainly responsible for the cover packaging

job requirements:

1. age 18-40 years old, can adapt to the two shifts of work